Phlebotomist Training in South Carolina

Finding high quality yet affordable phlebotomy training in South Carolina can be difficult without a little guidance. There are a lot of different options, and some are certainly better than others. Here is a list of some of the best options available.

Phlebotomy Certification in South Carolina

To start off a successful career in phlebotomy, you first need to get yourself a phlebotomy certification. A phlebotomy certification will only be granted to you after you have enrolled in and have completed a formal phlebotomy training program. Following completion of the program, you will need to appear for a certifying exam conducted by one of 10 currently existing accrediting agencies.

Attending a formal training program is a prerequisite before register for a phlebotomy certification exam. You need to make sure that you are opting for an approved training course. You can obtain a list from your Department of Public Health.

Some of the approved phlebotomy training programs available in South Carolina are:

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Greenville Technical College

The Greenville Technical College offers a 192 hour phlebotomy training course. The course consists of 73 hours of classroom lectures that will provide you with the theoretical know how of phlebotomy and a 120 hour externship at a medical facility. The externship will allow a student to put the knowledge learnt in the classroom to test and will allow them to hone their practical skills. The course will teach you how to obtain blood specimens accurately using the proper technique, how to work well under pressure, communicate effectively, and be a competent health care provider.

Milter-Motte Technical College

Phlebotomy Training in South Carolina

The Charleston Campus of the Milter-Motte Technical College offers a phlebotomy technician program that provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the medical field.

The course will teach you typical phlebotomy duties such as obtaining blood samples for diagnostic testing and removing blood for transfusion purposes. You will learn to prepare and transport specimens, maintain a safe working environment and perform Point of Care testing. These additional skills will benefit you throughout your career and can help to prepare you for a diverse career.

Midlands Technical College

This school offers a much shorter program, clocking in at 51 total hours. The learning is a lot more fast paced—perfect for someone with a busy life—and covers all of the same topics a longer program would. Some of these curriculum points include blood drawing techniques, tourniquet handling, and sample containment.

Completing this program requires you to complete twenty five finger pricks, and one hundred blood collections. You will be knowledgeable in all facets of the profession and as far as phlebotomy training in South Carolina goes, this program offers the fastest route to certification.

Trident Technical College

The phlebotomy program at Triday Technical College starts only once a year—during fall. There are part time and full time options available, although if you are pursuing a part time schedule, you need to complete the entire program within two years of the starting date or you will not graduate.

The major topics covered in Trident Tech’s phlebotomy training course include general phlebotomy practice, phlebotomy techniques, phlebotomy experience, and the laws and ethics of medicine. During this program you will be expected to log at least 48 total hours in a clinical setting, and graduating will make you eligible to take the national certification exam.