Phlebotomist Salary

How Much Can a Certified Phlebotomist Make?

The phlebotomist salary can be amongst the best in the country, averaging as high as $30,000 in some states. If you have a lot of bonuses and have taken extra studies, then you may even earn potentially as high as $36,000 in some states such as Maryland.. A phlebotomist is a medical professional who can take blood samples from patients and also perform the steps necessary to set up a blood transfusion. You generally complete a course in a recognized and accredited institution and then you gain your certification in phlebotomy to be able to practice.

The requirements to gain this certificate usually involve many hundreds of hours of classwork as well as laboratory work. You will also need to usually take an externship that requires you to practice venipuncture many times on patients to qualify.

The majority of people who become phlebotomists will receive a salary from the state where they trained in the public health system and the hospitals, or they will seek employment in a private institution or clinic.

Phlebotomist Average Salary

phlebotomist salary

Phlebotomist Salary

Requirements for a good salary

You will need to get as many of the following as possible to get a good phlebotomy technician salary. In most states, practicing requires a license. But even in the ones where this is not the case, having a license will increase your job prospects and your potential salary. In addition to this, those who complete university or college courses find that they generally make more than those who complete short training programs.

You will need to complete several hundred hours of training to qualify for the certification exam, but it’s well worth it, even if you don’t have a medical background, because you will be trained completely for your job and will be able to get a higher wage.

Skills Needed to Become a Certified Phlebotomist

Apart from the above academic and training requirements, you also need to have certain personal and interpersonal skills to secure a higher salary and in many cases to be accepted for a job in the first place.

You should have good rapport with patients and the skills to keep them calm if they are stressed out from the procedures they are going through. You will also need to have a very steady hand and the ability to focus and concentrate.

Classes You Need to Take

There are a number of classes that you will probably take when you study for phlebotomy. You will usually find that the more of these you take, the higher your potential earning can be:

- Patient Rights as well as Medical Ethics and Medical Professionalism

- Venipuncture (the actual method of drawing blood)

- Human Anatomy (especially studying the blood and the cardiovascular system)

- Lab Testing (especially how to correctly use all the equipment such as a centrifuge or test tubes, including additives)

Phlebotomy Certification Across the Country

You can get your phlebotomy certification in a number of places and these will also help to determine what your salary will be:

Phlebotomy training onlineWhile you can do some or a part of your course on the web, this is usually an option for those in the medical field already. This is a way for them to get extra training and increase their wage.

Training at universities and colleges. If you are looking to obtain a degree from a university or a college, then you can get a higher salary in this case too as these types of degrees will qualify you for more senior positions.

Training at private institutions. If you train at a private institution you will generally end up with a lower salary as many of them only certify you to be a technician in a laboratory.

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