How To Earn Phlebotomy Certification In Fresno

In California, individuals who want to work in the field of phlebotomy must be certified, so anyone who is looking for phlebotomy training in Fresno can rest easy since there are several facilities available. Students with on-the-job training must receive at least 20 hours of training for certification, while those without experience must receive at least 40 hours of training, per California Code of Regulations. Students may apply online for state certification.

Skills and Training Requirements

Phlebotomy is the action of withdrawing blood from a vein, but phlebotomists are responsible for more than just knowing where to stick a needle. Because they deal directly with blood, phlebotomists must adhere to extremely strict guidelines and regulations to avoid contamination or infection. It is also important that these individuals take safety precautions so as not to come in contact with another person’s blood. Phlebotomists can also perform diagnostic procedures, and when needed, interpret results of testing and make recommendations. Those who want to work in the field of phlebotomy are largely employed by hospitals, but they can also find work in diagnostic laboratories and physicians’ offices.

For many patients, hospitals and needles are scary encounters, which may cause them a surprising amount of anxiety. Phlebotomists must be compassionate and able to calm their patients in order to take the needed samples or perform the procedure required.

Phlebotomy Training in Fresno

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Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, a leader in providing phlebotomy classes in Fresno, has temporarily suspended classes while it receives accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. The program is expected to be approved, so the school’s course information is still available, and per the program’s website, class dates will be added upon ABHES approval. The course is a continuing education opportunity for medial professionals so that they may keep their certification and continue to be up to date on the latest knowledge and skills required to work in the field. Combined with 40 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of off-site clinical experience, students practice a venipuncture technique, as well as study medical terminology, anatomy, specimen collection, and safety concerns.

Waiting to enroll in phlebotomy training can create some unwanted anxiety, so the open enrollment at California Institute of Medical Science should be applauded for its pure convenience. Class start dates are unannounced, but students may enroll at any time of the year. The five-weeks course for phlebotomy certification in Fresno includes externships of 100 hours for phlebotomy technician training and 120 hours for phlebotomy technician/lab assistant training. Phlebotomy techs will receiver 75 hours of classroom instruction, which covers topics of clinical techniques; safety and infection control; specimen collection devices; laboratory testing names; and how to perform and record vital sign measurements.

Fresno City College’s Training Institute offers a state-approved Phlebotomy Training Program which includes 48 hours of theory instruction and 120 clinical hours. Students learn through hands-on experience, performing more than 100 venipunctures successfully, five arterial observations, and at least 25 skin punctures, all while meeting the State of California requirements. On-site training is conducted at the VA Central California laboratory. The course is in such high demand that the college has resorted to a lottery system in which to choose students.